Celebrating My One Month Blog-iversary

Today is the end of the first month of my blog and to celebrate I want to highlight some of my statistics.

  • 12 – number of posts
  • 255 – number of views 
  • 114 – number of visitors
  • 16 – countries
    • top 3 countries – US, Slovakia, Canada
  • 19 – number of followers
  • 56 – number of likes
  • “The Journey Begins” – most popular post
  • “A Runner is Born” – most liked post 

2021-08-31 Month Review

Thank you for checking out and following my blog.  I have a lot content ideas for future posts and some travel planned for the remaining of 2021. Stay tuned….

“Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.”
― Hal Borland

Author: Coleen Hudson

Welcome!  My name is Coleen and I am an everyday athlete. Day to day when I'm not at my engineering job, you will most likely find me at my local Crossfit box, out running throughout my neighborhood and favorite places in Virginia Beach, or on the tennis courts. "Food is fuel" is one of my favorite mantras. I'm a meal prep guru who loves organizing my food ahead of time to keep grocery costs on budget and to stick to my dietary needs. I also enjoy the challenge of creating balanced meals in order to properly fuel for my workouts. So again, welcome to my blog and I hope you find it inspirational, educational, or even a little entertaining. Live your best life! Coleen

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