Running on My Mind

2021-08-26This week I have lots of running on my mind; from this weekend’s half marathon, to new running program/goals, to planning future races.

First let me start off by saying that I’m not a fast runner.  I’m not a slow runner, but definitely don’t consider myself fast.  I run because I can grab my shoes and just go for a run no matter where I am; at home, work, on vacation… I enjoy the time to myself and usually listen to music, a podcast, or an audible book.  Sometimes I get lost in  my thoughts.  I think about food with meal prep ideas and grocery lists.  I think about upcoming races and try to formulate my race day strategy with multiple goals, so if goal A becomes unattainable I have contingencies to focus on.  I think about my family and friends and ways to connect with them – most importantly who I need to visit or call.  I think about future trips and races and all of the cool places still to discover.   

This weekend I’m running a half marathon.  My training didn’t go exactly as planned but I’ve come to terms with that and it’s okay (more about this in my race recap post next week).  I’m still working on a race day plan and a few goals to keep up my sleeve.  At this point I’m considering this to be my last half marathon, at least for a while.  I plan to shift my focus to shorter distances, mainly 10k races with some 5k races sprinkled in for fun. 

Next week I will change over to a speed training program which I’m hoping will be more agreeable with my busy life.  I am super curious to see where some of my baseline paces and times will be for the mile and 5k distances.  This process will be an exciting journey that I’ve been looking forward to for about the last month.  

Lastly, I have started creating a list of potential travel races for 2022.  The list so far has events that appear to promise wonderful experiences and I can’t wait to share them with you all.  So, here’s a salute to all of the past miles and the ones yet to come.  Run with happiness in your heart!

“When you fall in love with running, you fall in love with struggle.  And when you fall in love with struggle, you fall in love with life.”

Michael D’Aulerio