2021 Running Playlist

Good music makes an okay run feel great!  I know plenty of people who run without music, but that just isn’t me.  I always run with my AfterShokz TREKZ Titanium headset so I can listen to music, audible books, various podcasts, and answer phone calls hands-free (usually from my mom who always asks me what I’m doing…..and I’m sure its because I sound like I’m being chased, especially at the end of my run if I’m incorporating sprint intervals.) Maybe one day I will evolve to the point that I can just go out for a long run and enjoy nature in all of its glory, but until then I bring some form of entertainment with me.

I usually create a playlist every year or so to combine my latest favorite songs. Here is my 2021 running playlist which includes 27 songs for 90 minutes of music.  I like upbeat music as I find it keeps me moving along at a good pace.

Coleen’s 2021 Running Playlist on Spotify

I used to listen to these playlists in order, but I quickly realized that I would race myself to get to a specific mile mark by the time a particular song would begin to play.  You can see how this could potentially foster a sense of anxiety or a feeling of failure during an activity I choose to do for fun.  Now I click on my playlist, hit the shuffle button, and enjoy trying to guess which song will come up next.  Sometimes I even get an extra mile or two of walking or running at the end of my scheduled distance because I don’t want to stop the music.

  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

“Run often. Run long. But never outrun your joy of running.” —Julie Isphording

2021-06-26 Run Pic